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Now you can collaborate with us to carry on this project ... your help will be greatly appreciated.
In no issue is there a specific subject to work on. Rootmagazine is simply a space for everybody who is willing to exhibit graphic design, illustration, photography, video, audio, etc…
You are the artists and rootmagazine is the showcase for what really represents you.
We will upload your works inside our magazine with full respect to your style.

Each of you will have his/her own section. Send us as much as you can to get a complete and rich section in rootmagazine. Within each section we will apply visual effects and transitions between your works.

The layout, created specifically for you, will present first details about your works and then it will go deeply into them.
Images must have the following features:

- vertical pages (single): 900px X 1240px
- orizzontal pages (double): 1800px X 1240px
- 72 dpi
Movies and videos must have the following features:

- file.swf
- file.mov 320x240px
Audio must be compressed in mp3 format
( 320 bit rate )

A short text about your biography and your project is necessary.

Ideas about how your section should look like inside rootmagazine are very welcome!

Thank you very much for your creative contribution. This helps to improve our rootmagazine project, an e-zine that wants to speak about artists, content and emotions across their works, quality and essentiality, talking simply and totally about art.

Thank you


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